Going Solar Has Never Been This Simple

Thousands of home owners across the nation are choosing to go solar to help our environment and save money on their power bill.

How Much Could You Save


Why Solar Pros Stands Above The Rest

Solar Pros has strategic partnerships with leaders in the industry from panels to financing options. These partnerships empowers us to provide exceptional customer service and superior products.
Going solar is one of the best decisions you can make to ensure the future of the next generations.  72 percent of water pollution comes from coal-fired power plants. That is just one of the ways we can help protect our future.

Answers to Your Questions

Where do I start?

To get started on your path to going solar, submit your electric bill to Solar Pros for a free proposal.

How long does it take to get a system installed?

Going solar typically takes about a month+ till the system is installed and functional.

Is my home able to have solar panels?

Each home is different and might need a physical inspection. Contact Solar Pros to schedule an at home consultation.

Will I be able to have power when the power goes out?

A typical solar panel system does not come with backup batteries. Contact your sales rep to see if you home is able to support a battery bank.

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